Liam Rosenfeld

Developer | Musician | Student


Hello, I'm Liam. I'm a high school student with a passion for development, music, and making things. I primarily work in Swift, and received a WWDC19 Scholarship.

Full Projects

ASCII Art Preview

Image to ASCII Art

My first iOS app. It can turn any image into a representation fully constructed of ASCII characters. It was my first introduction to the Swift language and the Apple ecosystem as a whole.

Iconology Preview


This project started off simple: I was tired of exporting every Xcode icon size so I made a small mac app to do it. It quickly grew into a fully fledged mac app including both numerously more export types along with a smalls suite of image editing tools. Watching the app grow taught me a lot about the long term implications of architecture decisions.

Academic Projects

Fourier Artist Preview

Fourier Artist

My accepted WWDC19 Scholarship Application. It generates the equation for a path (stored as a JSON array of points) and then displays it using orbiting epicycles. The Fourier Transform and a description of the math can be found on the first page.



My entry for the music hackathon. It visualizes the Tonnetz, a mapping of tonal space which plays a crucial part in Neo-Riemannian theory. It was an interesting return to P5—the javascript framework I initially learned to how to code using on Khan Academy.


Short Time Fourier Explainer

My WWDC20 Swift Student Challenge submission. It guides you along the creation of multiple live views that all utilize the Short Time Fast Fourier Transform and its inverse. The goal of the playground is to guide the user along a path of learning in the fields of both programming and digital signal processing.

Comical Projects

ASCII Art of Bunny Holding Sign

Animal Farm

A Discord bot that sends custom animal ASCII art messages. (I just really like coding ascii art generators)

Porgify Logo


Porgify is a chrome extension that turns all images into Porgs. Created during the year 'The Force Awakens' came out, it was my first foray into the world of open source.


YouTube Channel Logo

Musical Extravaganza

A YouTube channel with arrangements of popular songs, all by ear. All the sheet music is available for free.