Hello, I'm Liam Rosenfeld! I Make Things. (including this site)

Full Apps

ASCII Art Preview

Image to ASCII Art

My first iOS app. It can turn any image into a representation fully constructed of ASCII characters.

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Iconology Logo


I got tired of manually exporting every Xcode icon size, so I made a mac app to do it.

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Academic Projects

Swift Logo Drawn from Trig Functions

Fourier Artist

My accepted 2019 WWDC Scholarship Application. It generates the equation for a path (stored as a JSON array of points) and then displays it using orbiting epicycles. The Fourier Transform and a description of the math can be found on the first page.

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My entry for the REPL.it music hackathon. It visualizes the Tonnetz, a mapping of tonal space which plays a crucial part in Neo-Riemannian theory.

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Comical Projects

ASCII Art of Sign Bunny

Animal Farm

A Discord bot that sends custom animal ASCII art messages.

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Porgify Logo


Porgify is a chrome extension that turns all images into Porgs. Created during the year 'The Force Awakens' came out, it was my first foray into the world of open source.

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Youtube Channel Logo

Musical Extravaganza

A YouTube channel with arrangements of popular songs, all by ear. All the sheet music is available for free.

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